Maternity Services Pricing Plan

Whether you’re expecting your first child or looking forward to another, it’s the special touches that will make your baby’s birth memorable. GRMC’s new Maternity Services Department is now open and combines state-of-the-art technology with spacious and luxurious private rooms and amenities. Our Maternity Services floor has large labor and delivery rooms and dedicated C-section suites that allow our experienced physicians, specially-trained nurses and support staff to provide mother and baby with expert medical care and emotional support during labor, birth and postpartum stay.

When making a decision where your baby will be delivered, you may be wondering how to finance the birth of your child. While GRMC accepts most major insurances, we also understand that maternity care may not be covered. Therefore, GRMC is pleased to announce a new, discounted “Maternity Services Pricing Plan” for families without maternity or traditional health insurance coverage. Qualified, uninsured families may be eligible for this “Maternity Services Pricing Plan” if payment is made in full by the time of the mother’s discharge.

This plan is designed for a normal, uncomplicated delivery at GRMC and for the routine care mother and baby receives during hospitalization. These discounted prices are not offered to families with Medicaid or other maternity insurance coverage. Any special amenities or accommodations may be subject to additional fees.

Please note: There may be other charges depending on the length of your stay, multiple births, or other services you may request. If your baby needs a higher level of care or additional services, additional financial arrangements can be made. The special Maternity Services Pricing does not include physician fees (obstetrician, family practice, pediatrician, neonatologist, anesthesiologists, or radiologist). 

Special maternity services pricing:
  • Vaginal Delivery – $2800 (2 day stay); $800 per day* thereafter
  • Tubal Ligation during a Vaginal Delivery stay: $1400 (in addition to the $2800 VD charge)
  • Cesarean Section Delivery – $4200 (3 day stay); $800 per day* thereafter
  • Tubal Ligation with Cesarean Section: included with C-section price.

*A day is defined as staying past midnight. The daily rate is limited to a max of 5 days. For stays past 5 days, additional financial arrangements can be made.

You may pay your package rate in either one lump sum or on a payment plan as long as the total is paid in full by the time of your discharge. If not paid in full, by discharge, the special rate no longer applies.

Payments may be made by cash, check or MasterCard/Visa. If your baby must remain in our care for longer than you are here, then those fees are due at the time of discharge. If you pre-pay for a vaginal delivery and require a Cesarean section, you will be asked to pay the difference (noted above) prior to your discharge. Please contact GRMC’s financial counselor at 830.401.7445, for additional questions about this program or to set up a program package.