Mature Milk

Your milk will gradually change following transitional milk production. It may take longer depending on when you start breastfeeding and how often you breastfeed. The change in milk occurs a little earlier if you have breastfed before. Breast milk is made up of two stages of milk:

  1. Fore-milk – Fore-milk is the first milk the baby receives upon latch and let-down. It is thin and watery with a light blue tinge. Fore-milk is largely water that is needed to satisfy your baby’s thirst.
  2. Hind-milk – Hind-milk is released after several minutes of nursing. It is similar in texture to cream and has the highest concentration of fat. The hind-milk has a relaxing effect on your baby and helps him feel satisfied and gain weight. Allow your baby to finish feeding on the same breast to ensure he has access to this hind-milk. Feed until you see a sleepy, satisfied look on your baby’s face.

Both fore-milk and hind-milk are necessary when breastfeeding to ensure the baby is receiving adequate nutrition and will grow and develop properly.