Latching Your Baby

Hold your baby closely with his tummy turned toward you, and his nose at the level of your breast, opposite the nipple. Support the baby behind his shoulders and neck with the palm of your hand. Allow the baby’s head to tilt slightly back so that his jaw will open easily for latch.

  • Your nipple will be directed toward the nose or roof of your baby’s mouth, not toward the back of the throat
  • Stroke the baby’s lips to encourage a wide-open mouth
  • When baby’s mouth is open wide (almost like a yawn), bring his lower lip and chin to the breast as the first point of contact on the areola
  • Baby’s nose is slightly touching the breast
  • Then bring the baby quickly and gently toward the breast using your hand to support the shoulders
  • Your baby should be latched "asymmetrically," meaning more areola shows above the latch than below
  • The baby will get a good mouthful of breast
  • The lower lip will cover more of the areola than the upper lip (when you can see the lower lip, it will be flanged outward, like –– "fish lips")
  • The baby’s chin is pressed well against your breast, with his nose relaxed and away from the breast. Both lips should be flanged out, similar to "fish lips".