Formula Preparation

Making the formula:

  • Clean the area where you will prepare the bottles
  • Wash your hands well with soap and warm water, then dry
  • Place water that is safe for drinking in a clean pot or kettle on the stove. Bring the water to a bubbly boil and keep it boiling for one minute. Read the instructions on the formula can to find out how much water and formula you need to mix. Adding more or less formula than what is written can make babies sick.

For powdered formula:

  • Powdered formula is not sterile so you need very hot water to kill bacteria that may be in the formula. Being careful to avoid burns, pour the correct amount of boiled water into a clean and sterile bottle within five minutes after boiling. Add the correct amount of formula right away, attach nipple and ring to the bottle, and shake well to mix.

For liquid concentrate formula:

  • Allow boiled water to cool to room temperature, then mix equal amounts of water and formula. Attach nipple and ring to the bottle and shake well to mix.

Very important: Quickly cool hot formula by holding the bottle under cold, running water or by placing it into a container of cold water. This will bring it to a safe temperature for your baby to drink. To warm a cold bottle of formula, place it in warm water for several minutes. Never microwave your baby’s formula.