Checklist for Essentials of Positioning and Latch-on


  • Hold baby’s head behind the ears
  • Position nose to nipple and belly to belly

Offer the breast

  • Use the sandwich hold
  • Stroke the nipple from nose to chin, rolling out baby’s lower lip
  • Bring baby to the breast, not breast to your baby

Check the latch-on

  • Baby’s lips are flanged and her mouth is 140 degrees
  • There is no pain and no wedged or creased nipple
  • Baby’s chin is touching the breast and she has an asymmetrical latch-on

Access milk transfer

  • Baby shows a wide jaw excursion
  • There is a consistent sucking
  • You hear swallowing (after milk comes in)

General Helpful Tips

  • Try to nurse him in a dimly lit and quiet room
  • Make sure you are comfortable before you position him
  • Use pillows to raise your baby to breast level
  • Make sure your baby’s ear, shoulder and hip are in a straight line. Your baby should not have to turn his head to nurse.