About Breastfeeding

Congratulations on your decision to breastfeed! As a new parent, you have the responsibility of making sure that you provide your baby with a good nutritional start. With your choice to breastfeed, you have joined the majority of women who understand the evidence that breastfeeding is the ideal way to feed your baby.

Remember that you and your baby are new at this. Feeling awkward is normal, especially if this is your first breastfed baby… Breastfeeding is a learned skill for both of you. Be patient with yourself and your baby. Ask for help until you feel comfortable getting your baby latched on. All of our nurses have been trained to assist you. We also have a Certified Lactation Consultant on staff to provide expert advice and assistance if you need additional help. After you go home, you may call our Lactation Consultant for information and support - 830.401.6130.

Breastfeeding philosophy

  • We believe every mother deserves support in reaching her breastfeeding goals
  • We believe breastfeeding is the optimal form of providing nutrition for your baby
  • We believe babies, their mothers and their families all benefit from breastfeeding
  • We believe every mother has the right to be taught the physical, nutritional and emotional benefits of breastfeeding so that she can make an informed decision about feeding her baby