Keys for Quitting

Get ready:

  • Think about how quitting will help you and your baby
  • Plan on not smoking once you bring your baby home
  • Set a quit date and stick to it—not even a single puff
  • Get rid of ALL cigarettes and ashtrays in your home, car or workplace. Make it hard to get a cigarette.
  • Set up smoke-free areas in your home, and make your car smoke-free

Get support and encouragement:

  • Tell your family, friends and co-workers you are quitting, and ask for their help
  • Ask smokers not to smoke around you
  • Talk to women who quit smoking when they were pregnant
  • Talk with your prenatal care provider about your plan to quit
  • For free help, call (800) QUIT-NOW (784 -8669) to be connected to the Texas Tobacco Quit line

Be prepared to handle “slips”:

  • If you “slip” and smoke, don’t give up
  • People who quit after they “slip” tell themselves, “This was a mistake, not a failure”
  • Set a new date to get back on track
  • Remember that by quitting, you are protecting your baby’s health and your own
  • Breathe deep, inhale through your nose, count to five, slowly exhale through your mouth
  • Try to drink eight or more 8-ounce glasses of water a day
  • Keep your hands busy. Wash your car. Draw or color in an adult coloring book. Do a puzzle.
  • Delay – the urge to smoke only lasts three to five minutes