Bladder sensation and muscle tone are often diminished after birth. Plan to urinate at regular intervals, rather than waiting for the sensation of a full bladder. Symptoms such as burning, frequent urination or urinating in small amounts should be reported to your healthcare provider.

Begin Kegel exercises as soon as possible after birth, and continue to do several sets during the day. Kegel (or pelvic floor) exercises can be performed anywhere or anytime. Simply pull in the sling of muscles through which the baby was born, as if holding back both urine and a bowel movement, and hold tightly for a few seconds, then relax. This pelvic floor exercise tightens the opening of the birth canal. Repeat four to six times at first, building up gradually to 10 times. Practice this exercise several times a day while doing normal activities. Some experts suggest repeating this exercise about 50 times daily.